Friday, April 27, 2012

Overbearing Women and Wimpy Men

I apologize in advance for another post about relationships. When you go to a university with lots of fresh and perfect examples of what not to be like if you want a healthy relationship, to overlook addressing them would be a waste and sort of foolish. So now that I've got that apology introduction out of the way, let's chat.

Overbearing women and wimpy men. What is the deal with this?
Today, the common relationship consists of a manipulative, whiney woman who argues about everything and wants everything her way and a wimpy, push-over man who lets her.

Ok, let me just clear this up- I am not saying that women should be silent mice just rolling over and dying with no say in anything and that men should be controlling jerks. All of these scenarios are extremes.
I am saying that the key is balance.

To the feminist-crazed woman running around with a Type-A agenda- calm down.
To the trained-to-be-timid man cowering in a corner, letting every one else lead- man up!

Women, technically the Bible does not say you need to submit to a man until he is your husband, but if you're planning on marrying him, by being a controlling, manipulative jerk, you are forming those habits for your future marriage. And if you're dating him and not planning on marrying him- I have a whole nother (I realize that "nother" is not a word, and it's all right) post that I will someday write to you. Formed habits do not simply evaporate the moment you say "I do." If you do not know how to respect your signifcant other now, you never will. If you are constantly weaving your web of manipulation, looking to control everyone and everything- you will drive people away your entire life. I'm pretty tired of seeing women who boss people around, especially "their men." Not that men should boss around women either, but women of the Bible are called to be meek, nurturing, encouraging and HELPERS. Not hinderers.

Men, MAN UP. Seriously? Why are you with women who take advantage of you and refuse to respect you? Yes, you are called to love your wife (same thing as I said to the women above about forming habits before your married) and to care for her like Christ loves and cares for the church. You are also called to be a leader. A spiritual leader, a family leader, an emotional leader... a LEADER. Stop being a weasle (just ask Gianna Jessen)! If a woman's playing the victim now before you're married, she's going to do it throughout your entire life. When she wimpers and shoves your hand away, insisting upon pouting in her little corner until you give her what she wants (especially if it's something selfish), that's probably a red flag.

If only people lived the roles that God CREATED them for....


  1. Please write the "nother" post soon. I want to read it to my 13-year-old daughter, hoping to forestall any notions she has of casual dating.

  2. Formed habits do not simply evaporate the moment you say "I do."

    I've been thinking about that a lot lately, how every single thing that we do now will prepare us for the future. Being faithful in little will prepare us for being faithful in much. The same thing applies in any scenario--I see it in Bible school all the time.

    There are guys that want to be pastors and lead a flock of people through preaching/music/ministry "x" but they don't take their schoolwork seriously enough. Unfortunately I all too often fall into this category as well. It's easy for us guys to think that once we have to prepare sermons we will somehow magically get less distracted with time-wasters, but that is SO false! If I'm a bad student now, I'll be a bad student later. Unfortunately, I'll be held accountable before God. Scary thought.

    As for my diatribe, I apologize.

    As for your post, LOVE IT.

  3. Mrs B.-
    Will do in the future =).

    Don't apologize, I really enjoyed your points! It's true though, every decision we make and have every habit we create will stick with us the rest of our lives. I mean, it doesn't mean we can't change, but most of the time we're so comfortable we aren't willing to change at that point. If we are willing to change, it ends up just being painful. So either way, it's better not to form the habit at all.
    But yeah, sometimes when I find myself praying that I will find the right guy for me, I realize that I should be praying, "Make me the woman I should be for the right guy."

    And thanks! I'm glad you liked it!